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 With over 20 years of proving the best lawn care services in the Seacoast region, you can trust that Allegro Lawn will get the job done right.

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Lawn Care in York, ME

What’s better than a beautiful yard framing your lovely York, ME, home? We love it too! When we nurture lawns in the Seacoast, our goal is to bring out the best in our neighbors’ turf, for the aesthetics, and for hardy grass that stands up to kids and pets!

We understand that every yard is different, which is why we offer 3 distinct lawn care programs to best serve you:

  • Premier: Our most thorough package, Premier includes 8 treatments throughout the year for fertilization, weed control, pH balancing in your soil, and grub control. 
  • Organic: Using all-organic products to protect the local ecosystem and watershed, we complete 5 applications throughout the year to fertilize your turf, combat weeds, and balance the pH of your soil.
  • Standard: With 5 applications we will fertilize, control weeds and surface insects, as well as balance the pH of your grass’s soil. 

20 Years of Lawn Care Experience

Between our winters and intense storms, the Seacoast can be rough on grass. We’ve used the past 2 decades to hone our lawn care practices, optimizing our programs to flourish lawns in York. Our professional and detail-oriented staff put this knowledge into practice daily, nurturing your turf to the best it can be. 

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*Allegro Lawn does not offer mowing or landscaping services at this time.*
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Aeration and Overseeding in York, ME

An often overlooked maintenance task for lawns in the Seacoast is fall aeration and overseeding. We carry out core aeration with a machine that pulls soil plugs from your grass and deposits them on the surface, setting up your yard for success in the coming year. After aerating, we’ll spread grass seed to fill in any gaps in your turf, improving the look and overall health. Contact our experts to schedule your lawn aeration in York today!

Fall aeration and overseeding in York, ME, can benefit your lawn in several key ways:

  • Aeration reduces soil compaction, allowing water and nutrients to more easily reach the roots of your grass, simultaneously spurring deeper root growth.
  • Increases absorption of water (and less runoff), especially after heavy rains.
  • Naturally greens grass.
  • Improves the resilience of turf so it withstands harsh weather and quickly bounces back from winter.
  • Combats the buildup of thatch (dead grass that forms a weaved yellow layer on your turfs surface, impeding water infiltration into soil).
  • Overseeding fills in gaps in your lawn for an even green across your yard.
  • Helps naturally outcompete weeds by filling every inch of your yard with thick, healthy grass.

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Weed Control in York, ME

Are you tired of constantly battling weeds in your lawn and garden? Look no further than Allegro Lawn for top-grade weed control in York, ME. Our program is designed to prevent, eliminate, and control weed growth, ensuring a green and well-manicured yard. We use only the highest quality herbicides that target unwanted weeds, including broadleaf and summer annuals. With our experienced technicians and effective weed prevention methods, you can say goodbye to pesky weeds for good.

Our weed control services in York, ME, include:

  • Pre and post-emergent broadleaf weed control for clover, dandelions, and chickweed.
  • Pre- and post-emergent treatment for annual summer weeds like lambs quarters, purslane, and crabgrass.
  • Specialized post-emergent treatment to eliminate the highly invasive and problematic nutsedge.

With Allegro Lawn, you can trust that your lawn will be in the hands of experts who prioritize the health and appearance of your turf. Contact us today for our weed control program in York, ME!

Grub Control in York, ME

Is your lawn suffering from unsightly damage? Don't blame the weather or your maintenance routine just yet. There could be a more insidious culprit at play - voracious grubs. These tiny insects pose a significant threat to lawns in our area. Luckily, Allegro Lawn has the solution to your grub problem. Our team of trained lawn care technicians will assess the damage to your lawn and provide both curative and preventive grub control. 

Our grub control services in York, ME, include:

  • Curative grub treatment: We'll break the life cycle of existing grubs and prevent them from spreading further.
  • High-quality, low-toxic treatment: Our solution not only stops grubs, but also combats other troublesome insects like armyworms, chinch bugs, and sod webworms.
  • Grub prevention: We'll equip your lawn with long-term protection, ensuring another generation of grubs won't wreak havoc on your pristine lawn.

With Allegro Lawn, you can say goodbye to grubs and hello to a healthy, vibrant lawn. Don't let the damage continue - contact us today for effective and reliable grub control services in York, ME.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We take our word seriously. When you partner with us for lawn care, we make sure not to disappoint. We will work with you to the best of our abilities—as long as it takes—to create a satisfying lawn for you. 

5 Star Review

Shoulder surgery and Allegro Lawn are partnered in my mind. Knowing I needed help in 2013, I found their products were the equivalent of those in hardware and big box stores. The advantage is that they do the applications on time for the best results. When I was trying to squeeze lawn applications into a busy work week, I was always behind. Nine years later, and I do not plan to change.

Rosemary Zurawel
5 Star Review

Allegro Lawn has been an awesome team! They are responsive and take care of the little things without having to communicate them. Very knowledgeable and helpful with all things lawn care, pest control and grounds maintenance.

A Guilfuchi
5 Star Review

I have been using Allegro lawn service for over 10 years and have found them to be professional and attentive to my lawn needs…. Prompt and dependable service, and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you Allegro! 

Annette Plante

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*Allegro Lawn does not offer mowing or landscaping services at this time.*