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282 Knox Marsh Rd
Madbury, NH 03823

Phone: 603-749-9797

Fax: 603-743-4540


282 Knox Marsh Rd.
Madbury, NH 03823

Phone: 603-749-4600

Fax: 603-743-4540


313 Portsmouth Ave.
Stratham, NH 03885

Phone: 603-431-0088

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Landscaping Materials Delivery Services

2020 Delivery Information:  Call 603-749-9797 For More Information



2020 Materials Delivery Fees

From LandCare Madbury Yard

Small Truck

Large Truck

Flat Bed

Zone 1

Dover, Durham, Exeter, Greenland, Lee, Madbury, Newfields, Newington, Newmarket, Portsmouth, Rollinsford, Somersworth, Stratham




Zone 2

Barrington, Berwick, Eliot, Epping, All Hamptons, Kensington, New Castle, Rye, Rye Beach, South Berwick, Kittery, Kittery Point, Kennsington




Zone 3

Brentwood, Cape Neddick, Gonic, Kingston, North Berwick, Northwood, Nottingham, Raymond, Rochester, Seabrook, York




Zone 4

Deerfield, Farmington, Fremont, Lebanon ME, Milton, Strafford, Wells





Small Truck: $2.15    Tri-Axle: $2.45    Flatbed: $2.60 


We can deliver orders of any quantity with our larger trucks.

For orders of 100 yards or more of Loam and Aggregates or 100 yards or more of Bark Mulch please call for pricing and specific site requirements.
 Maximum Delivery Capacities
Small Truck
Large Truck
10 yards
25 yards
7 yards*
18 yards
7 yards*
20 yards
7 yards*
18 yards
Pallets (All Items)
12 pallets
*During spring/wet seasons, amount may vary.

Small Truck

Six wheel dump

10' wide x 11' high x 21' long

Dumping Height = 18'


Large Truck

 10' wide x 11.5' high x 27' long

Dumping Height = 24'



Flat Bed

9.5' wide x 10' high

Total Length w/ Forklift = 42'


Delivery Rates
Delivery rates are based on mileage and travel time from our materials center in Madbury, NH. LandCare reserves the right to discount or charge additional fees at our discretion.

LCA advises its customers to place orders up to 7 days before the desired delivery date, and allow up to 4 weeks for non-stocked items.  Due to unforseen conditions and those not within our control, LCA may offer but cannot guanrantee the option of an AM or PM delivery.  During the process of ordering, you will be asked for specific delivery instructions, including directions, driving strategies and dumping instructions.  Having a clearly marked area for dumping helps to insure customer satisfaction and helps negate the need for the customer to be home during delivery.  During wet weather, LCA advises that customers give ample time for areas to dry out to avoid damage or call LandCare/SHS with an alternate dumping location.

  • One yard of aggregate weighs approximately 2500 lbs
  • One yard of loam weighs approximately 2500 lbs
  • One yard of mulch weighs approximately 1000 lbs
  • One yard of soil, mulch or aggregate covers an area of approximately 10' x 10' (100 sqft) x 3" deep

Delivery of Materials
During phone orders, we ask for specific delivery instructions, including directions, driving strategies, and dumping instructions. Having a clearly marked area for dumping insures customer satisfaction, and also voids the need for the customer to be home for the delivery. During wet weather, we advise that customers give ample time for areas to dry out to avoid damage, or call LandCare with an alternate dumping location. For vehicles loaded in our yards. They are loaded at your discretion. We can assume no liability for their condition, allowance or transport ability.

One yard of aggregate weighs approximately 2500 lbs.
One yard of loam weighs approximately 2500 lbs
One yard of mulch weighs approximately 1000 lbs.
One yard of soil, mulch or aggregate covers an area of approximately 10'x10', (100sf) x 3" deep.

Delivery Information:
Our Trucks and delivery equipment need a minimum area of 10 feet wide, 30 feet long and 15 feet in height clearance. Our trucks and delivery equipment are heavy and most weigh over 30,000 pounds. We can assume no liability for damages to property occasioned by the condition of the property including asphalt areas. We cannot move materials once they are delivered.  If the dump area is not clearly marked and visible to our delivery operators, operators will dump material at areas most reasonably assumed based on directions and markings. Even if the area is well marked, there are times when we cannot access the marked area due to conditions that are out of our control. If, after every reasonable attempt to contact the material recipient has failed, our delivery operators, at their discretion, will put the material in the most reasonable area nearest to where it was intended to go.

Installation of soils, mulches or aggregates:
During warm weather, when installing any soils, mulches or aggregates, all products should be watered immediately after they are installed to reduce possible heat stress that may occur especially around lawns and plants.

The Customer agrees to indemnify LCA and hold harmless against any and all loss or claim by any person or entity as a result of personal injury or property damage occasioned by the condition of the customer's property.  Customer is responsible for identifying through Digsafe and or others and notifying LCA in written form of any underground utilities including but not limited to septic systems, leach fields, cables, wires, utilities, boxes, drainage, pipe or other items that could suffer damage as a result of delivery or installation equipment.

Please check the area where product is to be delivered to make sure there are no overhead power lines, low tree limbs, septic tanks, leach fields, soft ground, or other impediments that will render it difficult to place your materials.

Return Policy
Returns are not accepted for any bulk materials.  An original sales receipt is required for non-bulk product returns within 15 days from the original date of purchase.  Any materials that have been opened, broken, damaged or partially used cannot be returned.

A re-stocking fee of 20% will be issued to all returns.

Returned materials will be refunded within 45 days generally in the same manner as they were purchased.  Cash refunds will not exceed $50.  Remaining balance may be transferred to a 'house credit'.  All prices are subject to change without notice. 

All sales are subject to the terms and conditions.

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